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Code Validators are very versatile. They are deployed in services such as dead link checking, user-friendliness tests, HTML validation, banner exchange code integrity checks, and many more.

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User Agent Name Deployed by
Java1.1.3 Bobby


User Agent Name Deployed by
KGValidator/1.3 libwww-perl/0.40 KGValidator


User Agent Name Deployed by
LECodeChecker/2.0 libwww/5.1f LinkExchange
libwww-perl/5.18 LinkExchange


User Agent Name Deployed by
Mozilla/3.0 Gold (Win95; I) Web Site Garage


User Agent Name Deployed by
ValueClick Robocop/0.2b ValueClick


User Agent Name Deployed by
W3C_Validator/1.0 libwww-perl/0.40 W3C Validator

Non-Alphanumerical / Empty Strings

User Agent Name Deployed by
/0.5 libwww-perl/0.40 DoctorHTML


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